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Television like Quizzing experience

Kwiz365 is a next generation online live Quizzing Platform for Education, Sports and General Knowledge Quizzes, which provides an immersive Television like Quizzing experience for Quizmaster, Participants and Audience. Quizmasters and Participants can be anywhere! Kwiz365 can seamlessly run on any internet browser, with Quizmasters and participants interact in live studio like environment. Built using cutting technology and styling, live video feeds, fluid backgrounds, leaderboards, buzzers and template driven screens changing in real time, Quizzes hosted on Kwiz365 do not need to do any Post Production editing! Audience across the globe can walk live quizzes on their browser!

quiz window

Admin Console

Kwiz365 provides full control to to the Quiz Organisers, Quizmasters and Producer to define Quiz Structure, rounds, teams, questions and scoring rules. Producers have full control of switching screens based on cue provided by Quizmaster in real time. You can assign different Quizmasters for different quizzes, host simultaneous Quizzes. Interesting elements for responses like options, flip a question, ask a friend elevates the Quizzing experience

quiz window


Kwiz365 Platform uses the Kwiz365 buzzer which participants can use for participating in the buzzer rounds. The Kwiz365 buzzer and Kwiz platform use complex algorithm to take care of internet speed, latency in the network to record the correct response time of the participants to questions. If you are a participant, download the Kwiz365 buzzer.[QR Code]

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